Polk County Libertarians are monitoring what is being considered and approved by the Polk County Board of Supervisors and by various municipal governments. The lack of transparency and frequency of approval by rubber stamp concern us. In addition, at one of our business meetings it was stated libertarianism is antithetical to almost everything done by the Board of Supervisors. As our county affiliate grows, we look forward to being able to challenge some of the actions and plans of the county’s elected officials. For now, we are summarizing the weekly agenda to provide us with information on the types of actions taken by and range of issues that come before the Board. We will be posting those summaries here and we consider them at our monthly business meetings. We invite you to review the summaries and join with the Polk County Libertarians as we work to minimize Polk County government’s interference in our lives and to maximize the freedom of people living in the county.

We have the August 2020 summaries available and are looking for an easier method of making them available.