Who are the Libertarian Presidential Candidates?

The Libertarian Party will nominate its 2020 presidential candidate at the national convention in May 2020 to be held in Austin, Texas. Libertarian parties in some states will hold primaries for the Libertarian nominees. In Iowa, our delegation to the national convention will help select the nominee.  Our delegation will be determined at the state convention to be held on February 29, 2020, in the Des Moines metro area. To qualify for the delegation, an Iowan must be registered as a member of the Libertarian Party on the Secretary of State’s voter registration list and attend the county convention on February 8, 2020.

If you are interested in participating in your county caucus, whether you are interested in attending the national convention or not, reach out to your county affiliate for more details. If your county does not have a local affiliate, contact the state Libertarian Party. In Polk County, contact us through email at polkcountylibertarians(at)gmail.com or by phone at (515) 918-3453.

A straw poll will be held at the county caucuses for candidates seeking the Libertarian nomination for president. Iowa’s Libertarians are considering several factors as they review potential nominees. These include the character of the candidate, his or her political experience and participation with the Libertarian Party or demonstration of Libertarian ideals, the candidate’s campaign experience, whether the candidate will campaign in Iowa and help us regain political party status, and the candidate’s position on issues.

Polk County Libertarians are discussing candidates at our monthly business meetings. We invite you to join us to learn more about the people running. Our next business meetings are Tuesday, November 26 and December 17, 2019, 6-8 pm at the Urbandale Public Library.

Currently, there are 44 people registered with the Federal Election Commission as candidates under the Libertarian Party. Some of those have confirmed attendance at the February 29, 2020, Libertarian state convention. There are at least an additional 9 people considering running for the Libertarian nomination, and many of those people also are scheduled to be at the Iowa state convention.

At the Iowa state convention, you can meet declared candidates Max Abramson, Ken Armstrong, Jacob Hornberger and Kim Ruff. Undeclared candidates scheduled to be at the convention include Lincoln Chafee and Joshua Smith.

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  1. Thanks for this. Here’s hoping someone who has read the platform steps forward. The last time the final lap included an anti-NAP aggressor, a just-joined noob wanted for questioning about a murder, a nice guy who died before the election, and luckily, former Gov. Gary who quit the girl-bullying team and netted us a 328% increase in vote share by teaming up with another former Gov who understands the intro to the 14th Amendment and appears to have read the platform. Let’s stay on that sigmoid replacement curve, increasing vote share by 80% per annum, shall we?

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