When does the new normal begin?

We talk about the new normal after COVID-19, but when are we going to get a new normal of how equality fares? In comments on the May 25, 2020, death of Mr. George Floyd at the knee of a Minneapolis police officer:

We offer our sympathy to Mr. Floyd’s family and friends. We support the rights of individuals expressing their grief and dissatisfaction in peaceful demonstrations. We deplore the destruction of property and additional violence of the past few days.

The incident in Minneapolis, Minnesota, that has evolved into a mandatory curfew ordered by the Board of Supervisors in Polk County, Iowa, should not have happened. It is an example of the problem caused by allowance of an improper balance of power to a government.

We appreciate the work law enforcement does to protect life and property and we respect the emotional toll such work takes on the men and women who perform it. We do not support the attitude of domination that often develops from an authority given power.

We also do not believe law enforcement or prosecutors should be responding to crimes with inappropriate and unequal reactions.

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