What do Libertarians believe? Here is our county-level platform.

The Polk County Libertarians adopted our first Platform on July 21, 2020. We developed the platform from years of conversation at our meetings and events, from a study of the agenda from the county supervisors’ meetings, and by surveying Libertarians. We invite you to learn more about the Polk County Libertarians; to join us at our meetings, discussions, and other events; and to volunteer your time to the county party that we may move towards achieving the statements in our new platform.




We support rights for individuals and limits on government as embodied in the platforms of the Libertarian Party and the Libertarian Party of Iowa. In addition, we support subsidiarity in decision-making. We call for transparency of government actions and practices. We call for accountability of government’s revenue resources and spending. We believe our county is strongest when its government embraces diversity of individual choices and refrains from establishment of mandatory standards.


Counties and municipalities are limited in their sources of income. As government seeks revenue, we believe individuals should not be penalized for improvements on their property. We also believe individuals should not be penalized for lacking wealth.

Enterprise Ownership

Government should not take on the role of private business or non-profit donor.

Real Property

Individuals should have the right to do with their property as they will, without government defining the size of buildings, type of use, aesthetics, choice of landscape, or approach to maintenance. If people wish to enter into an agreement with other property owners for covenants limiting use or controlling appearance, that is the choice of the individuals.

Taking of land should be limited to satisfaction of public needs and not to enrich private businesses or individuals. Destruction of property by government workers and contractors should be compensated.

Crime and Justice

Counties and municipalities have leeway in enforcement and prosecution of state and federal law. We call for the County and municipalities to focus on those violations that endanger life and property. Individuals should not be pursued or prosecuted for crimes without victims.

Socio-economic status, race, ethnicity, gender, or similar categorization should not be used to establish different classes of accused, inmates, and sentenced persons.

Pass-through Money and Services

The county receives funds from state and federal government for dedicated purposes. The county uses this money as additional income, but residents are taxed by the state and federal governments to provide these funds to the County. We call for responsible use of such funds and for the County and municipalities to accept responsibility for behavior of recipients of such funds.

The county serves as an interest free banker to municipalities. In addition, counties and municipalities enter into agreements for joint services, management of public works, and other reasons. We encourage arms-length review of these agreements for fairness and accountability. We oppose any use of such agreements as excuses for any government to deny accepting responsibility for its actions or for the actions of the other entity acting on behalf of the authorizing government.

(Adopted – July 21, 2020)

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