Welcome Boone County Libertarians

Several members of the Libertarian Party of Polk County attended the launch event of the Libertarian Party of Boone County on November 25, 2017. They went to show their support for the newest county affiliate of the state Libertarian Party.

We congratulate our neighboring Libertarians on their new affiliation and wish them a successful 2018.

Among those in attendance were Pat Shaw, a candidate for House District 47 in Boone County; Charles Aldrich, who is seeking the U.S. Congressional seat in District 4; gubernatorial candidates Jake Porter and Marco Battaglia; and, Polk County candidates Marianna Cunnally (HD 38) and Jocelyn Jeffries (HD 35). One of the Polk County Libertarians at the event called Pat Shaw “an eager and friendly candidate,” adding “Boone County is lucky to have him.”

Boone County has seen a 9.4% increase in registered Libertarians since the Libertarian Party of Iowa became a recognized political party in February of this year. There is lots of hard work ahead with plenty of opportunities for and need of volunteers, donors, and candidates. We encourage Libertarians to take advantage of their county affiliate to help grow the party and to promote its goal of maximum freedom and smaller government.

The Libertarian Party of Polk County continues to invite Libertarians in neighboring counties that do not yet have their own affiliate to join with us in our activities. We stand ready to assist you should you like to start an affiliate in your county.

It is an exciting time to be a Libertarian.

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