Update: Certified Election Results & Early Voting

The election results have been certified and Libertarian votes in Polk County increased. Counting absentee ballots that were not yet received by election night and provisional ballots, the drop in gubernatorial votes from 2014 was only 207. We would like for our candidates to have received more votes; however, given the intense pressure other political parties were putting on people to vote for their candidates, the 2018 vote still shows strong support for Libertarians.

The official count of votes cast early or absentee (by mail) compared to those cast on election day is very important to note. In a previous post (http://polklibertarians.org/sales-tax-vote-lesson-precinct-leaders-needed/) , Polk County Libertarians noted the number of early/absentee “Yes” votes for the March 2018 local sales tax option election was very close to the total margin of “Yes” votes in Des Moines. For this November’s general election, 46.9% of votes cast for the Democratic candidate for governor in Polk County were early/absentee. This compares to 34.7% and 34.2% for early/absentee votes for the Republican and Libertarian candidates, respectively. The Democratic candidate won 58.1% of the Polk County vote.

Having a large number of early/absentee votes is not a guarantee of victory, but these recent elections have shown getting people to vote early/absentee increases turnout and votes in favor of the group promoting the early/absentee voting.

If we want to increase our early/absentee vote numbers, we need volunteers.  We need people who can go door-to-door, make phone calls, meet with people during events, and participate in those other outreach/get-out-the-vote efforts necessary to any victorious campaign. Will  you join us?

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