Too good to be true?

Pre-NC (before the novel coronavirus), the City of Des Moines was promoting a plan to use the local option sales tax revenue to re-build all streets in the city using an approach that would allow the streets to last 50 years. It sounded too good to be true.

When we move into the Post-NC period, Polk County, the City of Des Moines, and other municipalities will need to be responsible with our money. We, as citizens and as Libertarians, will need to be ready to hold our elected officials to that responsible behavior.

Our communities have lost sales both from local residents and especially from visitors. Remember, it was those visitors spending money in our communities that was to lower property taxes and increase revenue for our elected officials to spend.

For now, we ask people who are financially able to assist others who find themselves struggling. Polk County Libertarians will continue to monitor governments in our county.

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