Thinking of you.

The Polk County Libertarians held our regularly-scheduled monthly business meeting today by conference call. Of utmost concern to the attendees are those members of our communities who are sheltering at home, particularly those people who are alone. We ask you to reach out to your neighbors and acquaintances. Talk to them. Listen to them. Even sending a card to let them know you care will help.

National Poetry Month begins tomorrow. A suggestion was made to send a card with a poem and a note, “Thinking of you.” As a society, we may not be able to meet in person at this time. However, that does not mean we cannot reach out to others at the personal level. We, as a party, are reaching out with social media, our newsletter, and these blog posts. Yet, we know how important it is for Iowans to have that personal touch.

Our attendees at the meeting also expressed concern about our local businesses and those individuals who are facing a food shortage. There are food banks and other non-profits in the county providing food to our neighbors in need. We ask you to donate to the organization of your choice that the needs of others are met.

As individuals, we ask you to be well, be safe. Take care of yourself and those for whom you care, but also do no harm to others. If you can, volunteer your time to keep others connected to the community. If you can, donate your money to help others make it through this pandemic.

As a party, we are keeping an eye on government. We do not have a crystal ball to tell us how the economy will fare in the days or years ahead. We know the federal government is going to help out other governments. We know that it is your money, whether the funding for local projects comes from the national, state, county, or local level.

We plan to keep an eye on state legislators who represent people in Polk County. We plan to keep an eye on the county and municipal governments. We are wondering what possible future foreclosures may do to property tax revenue. We are wondering how the loss of LOSST revenue (the local sales tax) will affect property taxes. We are wondering what financial help Broadlawns may need to recover. As a party, we cannot end the pandemic. We can help guide the recovery and work to prepare our county, state, and nation for the next event that challenges us.

Be well. Be safe. Be free.

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