Taking votes from the Libertarians

Election after election, and the one held yesterday was no exception, voters have been told a vote cast for a Libertarian is a wasted vote. Don’t vote for someone other than a “main” candidate is how one person posting to one of our state party’s Facebook pages put it.

Looking at the election results and turnout, it is hard not to say the message of the other two parties, telling voters this election was too important to vote for anyone other than the candidate under their party labels, pulled from the Libertarian candidates on the ballot. Indeed, Libertarians have heard from non-party voters that they were considering voting for the Libertarian, but had to make sure another candidate did not win. Libertarians also heard those same people a few days after casting an absentee ballot come back to say they probably should have voted for the Libertarian. Voters’ remorse began early this year.

Jake Porter at Election Night Watch Party

Because our gubernatorial candidate did not receive at least 2% of the total votes cast on November 6, 2018, the Libertarian Party of Iowa will not have political party status in 2020. That does not mean there will be no Libertarian party. It just means we will be working hard in the next two years to get that political party status back. Will you help us?

Sign up for our county party affiliate’s newsletter on the home page of this website and sign up for the state party emails at lpia.org.

Attend meetings of the county affiliate. We will start holding meetings again in January 2019. At meetings you can interact with other Libertarians, discuss issues, and meet possible candidates and gather volunteers for future campaigns. Dates, times, and locations will be announced on our Facebook page, on this website, and in the county emailed newsletter.

Donate to the party. The county party needs funds to participate in community events in 2019 and march in parades to keep our party visible to voters. We need to buy booths or pay entry fees, provide literature and other items to people attending the activity, and supply other basic items such as table covers and weights to hold literature down on breezy summer days.

LPIA Chair Joseph Howe and SoS candidate Jules Ofenbakh

Consider running for office. There will be municipal elections in 2019. These are non-partisan offices but we want our party members to get experience running for office, working on campaigns, and letting the voters know there are other options for their consideration.

Thank you to everyone who voted and voted Libertarian in yesterday’s election. Thank you to our volunteers who worked hard to get our message out to voters at events this past year, and to get out the vote. Thank you to the poll workers and the staff of the county auditor’s office, and all the organizations that provided space for early voting satellite locations. Thank you to our candidates.

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