Taking the Next Step

You voted for Libertarian candidates. You registered as a Libertarian. Now is the time for you to take the next step. Volunteer, donate, and participate in party events.

Our goal is simple. We want our candidates to win elections. With the passage of HF692 that moves Libertarian candidate filings to March, now is when we need to be growing awareness of the Libertarian Party. The more active participation we have, the more potential voters Polk County Libertarians can meet.

There are several ways to help. Donate money that we can register for parades and booths at community events. We also need to print handouts and pay for operational costs. (The internet may seem free, but anyone who has grumbled about service provider costs know there are expenses.)

Volunteer to walk in a parade or to staff a booth. In past years, volunteers have found parade crowds cheering us on to be positive experiences. We show the community there is another option for government and the community gives us encouragement to keep going. Spending time at a booth offers an opportunity to tell others why you are a Libertarian and to hear why they support the party. 

 If you prefer a more quiet volunteer opportunity, we are in need of people to follow various levels of government and report to the governing committee on a regular basis. Other parties have elected officials serving in the government, thus, making it easy to keep up-to-date on activities. Libertarians have to work a bit harder to get that information. It is important, though, for helping us engage voters and the news media on issues and Libertarian alternatives.

We encourage you to join us in our monthly discussion group (Let’s Talk Liberty) and at our monthly business meetings. Yes, these meetings have structure and involve policy. Yet, they are vital to defining the direction of the party, giving opportunity for future leaders to develop, and growing party identity. The more participants we have at these gatherings, the more representative discussions will be.

As you become more involved with the Polk County Libertarians, you may even find yourself wanting to become a precinct committee person. Each precinct can have up to two committee persons. You would be a member of the governing committee and be expected to participate in the monthly business meetings and other activities to grow Libertarian strength in your precinct.

We need your help. Thank you. 

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