Subsidiarity, national policy, and mental health

In the preamble to the platform of the Polk County Libertarians, we state we believe in subsidiarity. That means we encourage decisions to be made at the most local level possible. The state, with its Return to Learn initiative of in-person educational instruction, and local school boards, who want to limit the potential spread of the novel coronavirus, is an argument over subsidiarity.

In practice, subsidiarity is more about working at the local level of government to personalize national policy. Mental health funding and services is an example of this and an issue being followed by the Polk County Libertarians. Yet, it is also a national policy question, as raised by a woman asking a question during the August 22, 2020, visit of Libertarian vice presidential candidate Spike Cohen to Des Moines.

You can talk about national policy, volunteer to help candidates be elected, and cast your vote. But you can also become involved with the county party, learn about funding for county services, offer solutions for unmet needs, and work to allow individuals the freedom to find solutions not requiring more government. With subsidiarity, you can change your local government.

We do not ask you to choose between local, state, or national activity. They are all important, and each individual will find a preference for his or her particular interests. But neither do we want you to look at the Libertarians as a monolithic structure. We are not. We are proud to have had several volunteers from the county affiliate help with the campaign stop of the vice presidential candidate. However, we do more than just serve the needs of the state or national party. We are working at our local level to change Polk County government.

We invite you to join us. Learn how you can make a difference. Learn how, through subsidiarity, Libertarians can be a force in state and national government.

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