State Fair Guide – Part 2

It is the last day of the Iowa State Fair for 2019. The weather was amazingly comfortable every day this year. Whether you helped add to that count of over a million visits to the fair, here are some more stops on the Libertarian tour.

Employees: Many people are hired to help make the fair enjoyable to visitors. They have earned our thanks and appreciation for keeping the fairgrounds clean and our experiences there fun. They have also earned wages that have had Social Security and Medicare deductions.

Marketing groups: This is not a reference to those for-profit businesses that hold events to promote businesses. This refers to groups like the pork and egg (non-organic only) producers who have their organization as part of the Iowa Code. For the egg producers, there is an excise tax paid by the producers to help promote eggs, whether on a stick or in a carton.

Safety inspections: Those Midway rides are a draw for many visitors and the operators want to make sure they are safe. The state also has inspectors approving every ride that is set up.

Alcohol sales: Want that craft beer or just a basic margarita? Be sure to have your government-issued identification and look for the government-issued license the establishment needs to display to serve you alcohol.

This guide is not a comment on whether the laws, rules, and regulations are appropriate or not. It is intended to show just how far reaching into our daily lives government has become. If you think there needs to be watchdog on government reach and growth, and a check and balance on elected officials, please join us at a Polk County Libertarian event or gathering.

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