Offices needing candidates in 2020

We are seeking Polk County residents to run for various offices in 2020. The 2020 election is the last one before redistricting. It also is the first election for which Libertarians must file their candidate papers in the spring without opportunity for later filing.

Candidates decide to make a run for office for numerous reasons, and never lightly. All the people met can make a campaign greatly rewarding. Attending events and visiting locations to meet those people can be exhausting.

The Polk County Libertarians also have numerous reasons for wanting the county’s Libertarians to seek office, including: Candidates give a public face to the party. Libertarians can generate discussion on issues not raised by others and offer alternative approaches to other candidates’ agenda. A Libertarian cannot win elected office without first being a candidate.

Iowa Senate (term=4 years): This year it is the even numbered districts that will be on the ballot, 10, 16, 18, 20 and 22. Districts 10 and 20 are in the northwest part of the county. Districts 18, 20 and 22 are the densely-populated urban parts of the county. The votes cast for the Libertarian candidate at the top of the ticket dropped in Districts 10, 20 and 22 from the 2016 election to the one in 2018. The votes increased in Districts 16 and 18.

Iowa House (term=2 years): Districts that include Polk County are 19, 30-39 and 40-43. Incumbents include 3 Republicans and 12 Democrats. There are first-term representatives and people near or over 70 years of age and serving, or approaching, their 8th term. Open seats can be expected in 2022 and maybe even in 2020.

County offices (terms=4 years): Board of Supervisors, Districts 1 and 3; County Auditor, and Sheriff. District 1 includes: Alleman, Clive, Elkhart, Grimes, Johnston, Polk City, Sheldahl, Windsor Heights and Urbandale. District 3 includes: Altoona, Ankeny, Bondurant, Mitchelville and Pleasant Hill.

Soil and Water District Commissioner (term=4 years): The commissioners are responsible for managing state and federal grant programs. Sounds like a perfect opportunity for a Libertarian to practice real-world decision-making.

Broadlawns Hospital Trustees (term=6 years): Unlike most other levies making up our property taxes, the county hospital levy has been decreasing due to decisions of the trustees. As a trustee, you can help to keep expenditures in line and services ready to meet demand.

County Agriculture Extension Council: The easiest way to describe the extension council is to refer people to Iowa Code 176A.8 – think education for the public in agriculture, home economics and 4-H. Another way to get an idea of what the council does is to look at the Public Notice with the annual income and expenditures from July 2019.

U.S. Senate (term= 6 years): This is a statewide run. The Democrats will be seeking a candidate who can vigorously challenge the first-term Republican incumbent. The Libertarian candidate will need to be active on the campaign and ready to cultivate media across the state about Libertarian alternatives

U.S. Representative – 3rd District (term=2 years): The third district consists of 16 counties, with Polk County being the most populous. The district also contains the two least populous counties in the state. Gathering votes not only for the candidate, but also to strengthen the party and for other Libertarian candidates, will mean campaigning in all 16 counties.

From the Polk County Auditor’s website: The filing periods for the November 3, 2020, General Election are:

  • President/Vice President: July 27, 2020 – August 14, 2020 (5:00 p.m.)
  • U.S. Senate, U.S. Rep and State Office: February 24 – March 13, 2020 (5:00 p.m.)
  • County Office: March 2 – March 20, 2020 (5:00 p.m.)

3 thoughts on “Offices needing candidates in 2020”

  1. The Case For Voting Libertarian is that with a fast-growing party, libertarian spoiler votes cause the Kleptocracy parties to delete cruel and dishonest planks. Our Overpopulation plank of 1972 became Roe v Wade shortly after the Electoral votes were counted for Toni Nathan and John Hospers. The leverage ratio for our fewer than 4000 popular votes works out to 10,000 to 1 on the failed theory that you have to have 50% to make a difference n the laws. Ask yourself whether prohibition laws are a causative factor in financial crashes, banking panics, recessions and unemployment. Voting LP is the only way to insist on a healthy economy.

  2. The filing period was not listed only the final filing date.
    None of the people are listed who are considering to be a candidate or the position is listed.
    Presidential petition signatures are needed, when do they have to be turned in?

    1. In future posts we will provide more information on filing dates and candidates. With this post, we wanted to show the range of opportunities for Polk County Libertarians should they decide now IS the time to run for office. We encourage any Polk County Libertarian interested in running for an office to reach out to us and we can provide more information. The filing period for president/vice president is July 27-August 14, 2020.

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