New Year’s Resolution: Change Iowa’s Politics

We have been looking at the precinct-level results for the November 6, 2018, general election. One thing is very clear, we do much better when we have people on the ground, talking with neighbors, advocating for Libertarian candidates, and growing the party from the grassroots. For that to continue, we need precinct leaders.

Our precinct leaders are very important in helping to grow the Polk County Libertarians. We invite Libertarians interested in being more involved with the party to come to our monthly meetings, talk with us, and share ideas. We have several precincts without official precinct leaders, and if there are no openings for your precinct, we still would like to see you at meetings and events. Once elected by the county party’s leadership committee, precinct leaders are expected to attend the monthly meetings.

Some people find it easier to contribute financial resources instead of their time. That is a good resolution, too. We need money to pay for participation in community parades and for booths at events. We have ideas for other outreach and party activities, but they also require money. Whether you want to give a one-time contribution or would like a recurring contribution, we want to hear from you.

2018 Results

Grimes 1 was our top precinct in Polk County for number of votes received for the Libertarian gubernatorial candidate. Grimes 1 also led in votes for our 2016 presidential candidate. Grimes 2, Ankeny 12, Ankeny 1, Polk City, and Johnston 1 precincts followed.

2018 Events

Among the events in which we participated in 2018 were Capital City Pride, Juneteenth, Urbandale 4th of July Parade, and Beaverdale Festival Parade. We also had volunteers helping with parades in nearby counties and at the State Fair parade. We have more activities we would like to do in 2019, and already thinking of the outreach needed to help our presidential candidate in 2020.

We need your help. Please donate, volunteer, and/or become a precinct leader. You CAN change Iowa’s politics.

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