Municipal Elections 2019: An Overview

This year’s elections are considered to be off-year, meaning members of Congress, president, state legislatures, or governors are not on the ballot. For the people living in the communities where municipal leaders are being elected and public measures are on ballots for taxation and spending, this is not an off year.

Polk County by the numbers:

  • Positions on the ballots may include mayor, council member, parks commissioner, school board director, and/or area community college director
  • 181 people running for office
  • 19 communities with municipal elections
  • 11 communities with contested elections
  • 4 communities with only incumbents on the ballot
  • 1 community with too few candidates on the ballot to fill all open seats
  • 19 school districts with elections
  • 5 area community college districts with elections
  • 1 community with a ballot measure for the local sales and service tax (LOSST) option
  • 1 school district with a tax levy increase ballot measure
  • 3 school districts with ballot measures seeking approval for State of Iowa Secure an Advanced Vision for Education Fund (SAVE) proposals

We will be looking at some of these items in more depth in future posts. To see what offices and measures are on your ballot, visit the Polk County Auditor’s election web page.  You can also find information where to vote on that page.


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