Meet ToyA Johnson, Ward 4 City Council Candidate, Des Moines

ToyA is for Tax solutions, Outreach, Youthful innovation, and Advocacy. Below are some of the issues and solutions ToyA has discussed during her campaign.

  • The people of Des Moines need tax relief, sensible, efficient and economical solutions that keep more of your money in your pocket.
  • We have criminalized mental illness and are failing to address the issue for the social and health crisis that it is.
  • Ward 4 has the least amount of side walks and has many areas that flood.
  • I would work to implement that Housing Action Network of Des Moines and Urban Populations or H.A.N.D U.P. The goal of the program will be implement a network of organizations, agencies and businesses that can assist with and or provide a pathway to affordable housing.
  • Legalize marijuana and use the money for mental health and other services.
Learn more about Toya and her campaign:


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