Meet Marco Battaglia: At-Large City Council Candidate, Des Moines

Can a soft-spoken candidate stand out in a competition with six other candidates for an open council seat? Yes, but first he has to catch the attention of voters. Marco’s campaign theme is “Legalize Des Moines.”  The marijuana leaf on his campaign materials clearly conveys the meaning of the statement. The brownie recipe on the back of the campaign’s informational handout reinforces the theme. Now that Marco has your attention on his campaign for an at-large seat on the Des Moines City Council, we ask you to look past the haze that the idea of legalizing marijuana causes.

 Legalize Des Moines is not about the culture of smoking the dried leaf of a plant. It is about individual choices, revenue for the city, business growth, and a solution to high sales tax and property tax payments by residents of the city. It is about harm reduction and removing excuses for citizen profiling, including racial profiling. It is about showing compassion for ailing residents.

Other issues Marco is highlighting include:

  • Giving priority to ending homelessness in Des Moines by supporting addiction and mental health rehabilitation, as well as skill development and transitional housing,
  • Offering transparency to residents regarding taxation and budgeting because the city can provide quality services while delivering on tax relief.
  • Insisting that Des Moines compete to be the best city in the world for the disabled by ensuring individuals with a disability have equal opportunities to participate in the city, take on new job opportunities or start their own businesses, and enjoy activities.
  • Holding responsible those people and entities who contribute to the nitrate problem in our water for the removal of the nitrates.
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