Libertarian Candidates: 2020

As of the primary filing deadline, statewide there are 42 seats without a Republican or Democratic challenger, at this time. The parties have the opportunity to add candidates after their state conventions. Thirty primary elections will be held as there are 19 seats with more than one Republican who filed and 11 seats with more than one Democrat seeking the office. This compares to 2018 when there were 35 seats after the primary filing period without challengers from another party and 28 primary elections to be held.

Libertarians will serve as the challenger in some of the seats. In Polk County Toya Johnson filed for Senate District 16 and Joseph Howe filed for House District 36. Elsewhere in the state, Blake Johannes is running in House District 12, Robert Fairchild in House District 16, Eric Cooper in House District 45, and Myra Matejka in House District 70. We wish all the candidates success.

In addition to Iowa seats, Polk County residents will see Rick Stewart for U.S. Senate and Bryan Jack Holder for U.S. Congress 3rd District on their ballots as Libertarian candidates.

In addition to Libertarians filing for office, five individuals filed for various seats with No Party or similar identification.

We urge Polk County Libertarians to volunteer for the campaigns of Libertarian candidates and to donate to them. We also encourage Libertarians in the county to join with the county affiliate of the Libertarian Party as we work to promote the party and candidates in the months ahead.

Remember to vote November 3, 2020. Thank you for voting Libertarian.

There will be no Libertarian primary in 2020.

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