Labor Day – Polk County Style

The weather in Iowa was very pleasant this Labor Day weekend. We have the luxury of considering politics and government while we enjoy cooking out, finishing home projects, and participating in other summertime activities. Our thoughts are with those along the southern Atlantic coast preparing for Hurricane Dorian, and with those in Bahama being pounded by one of the most powerful hurricanes in recorded history.

Labor, as with Business and Government, in normal conversation is considered a monolithic entity. Labor is a word used all too often to  mean all those who work for a paycheck. Instead, Labor as used in political discussions and news articles, most often means the unions that are regulated by government.

There are some recent news items involving governments in Polk County that reflect the monolithic entity concept of Government. The consequences of those Government actions on individual laborers and businesses, however, are ignored. We invite you to join with Polk County Libertarians as we seek to allow individuals the opportunity for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as they each define it, with government providing essential services that allow for individuality.

The first item has been discussed in these posts before. That is the City of Des Moines’ plans for a new zoning ordinance. City officials, elected and hired, have expressed displeasure at the decision of an advisory board not to require minimum-sized housing. One city councilor even claimed the city would be like “the wild, wild west” if we allowed housing to be smaller than the City wants to accept. The City’s response has been all about revenue for the City, the needs of and affordability for the residents does not seem to matter.

The second item might explain the disregard for affordability. It has been reported that department heads hired by Polk County are among the most highly-compensated in the United States. Not only are the employees well-provided for, that compensation apparently was approved by the elected Board of Supervisors without much, if any, questioning. The reason given for the compensation is that government workers needs to be paid the same regardless of where they live because they can live anywhere.

The September 2019 Let’s Talk Liberty is billed as a discussion of property valuations and individualism. The above examples are the type of issues at which we will be looking. The government wants property values to increase regularly to increase revenue, seemingly to hand out without oversight. Individuals, particularly those who are told by employers they can be paid less because they live in Iowa, do not always want or need what Government tells them they must do because the Government has money.

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Polk County department heads:

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