It Takes All Levels

Jocelyn Jeffries Fry

Libertarian candidate for Polk County Supervisor, Jocelyn Jeffries Fry, spoke at the Watrous Heights Neighborhood Association in Des Moines on October 8, 2018.  Jocelyn is seeking the 5th District supervisor seat.

Topics discussed at the event included bonds issued without direct approval by voters, funding for essential services (e.g., mental health care) instead of entertainment, housing, property taxes, traffic cameras, and other quality-of-life and financial issues. There were many comments on how county, city, and state government should be working together and what they are doing currently.

Jocelyn said during one exchange about the present supervisor’s approach to spending money, “I want input. I want to serve the community. It’s not my money. It’s all our community.”

Polk County Libertarians are excited to have candidates for supervisor. (Joe Gleason is seeking the 4th District supervisor seat.) We are excited to have a candidate for governor. We are excited to have candidates for the Iowa legislature. With candidates, and potential elected officials, at all these levels, Libertarians can do more than make suggestions or push for issues to be taken up by others. We can bring the change that maximizes individual freedom and minimizes the cost and influence of government.

We ask for your vote this November 6, 2018. Please vote Libertarian.

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