Iowa Press Makes Case for Libertarian Governor

The reporters gathered for a roundtable on the October 19, 2018, edition of Iowa Press on IPTV probably did not realize it, but they made a very good argument for electing Jake Porter as the next governor of Iowa. The reporters were asked to give their opinion as to which party would control the Iowa House and the Iowa Senate after the election, and who would win the gubernatorial contest. The consensus was the Democrats would rule the House, the Republicans would be in charge of the Senate, and it was a toss-up as to who would sit in the Governor’s office.

Why not make it a true triumvirate? Voters can give the Democrats the House, the Republicans can take the Senate, and the Libertarians can control the Governor’s office. The public can then see how Libertarians will govern while having checks and balances on all of the parties. There would be no need to wait until the Libertarians build their bench or to  grow the party enough to have candidates for most of the legislative seats as well as the statewide offices.

The future can begin on November 6, 2018. You can make it happen. If you don’t want the Republican to be governor, if you don’t want the Democrat to be governor, but are afraid to vote for the Libertarian because the other candidate might win, give in to your values. Vote Libertarian. Let’s really make history in Iowa.

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