General Election: voting begins October 5, 2020

In 10 days you will have an opportunity to cast your vote for Jo Jorgensen for president as early voting begins in Iowa. Your last opportunity to cast a vote will be on November 3, 2020.

The first thing we must do is make sure you are engaged to vote. Do you know the Libertarians running for office this year or know who they are? Do you know the various issues that Libertarians were able to achieve success on in recent years because we have been running for office and advocating for freedom? Do you know we need your vote to be cast for Libertarian candidates to help the party gain recognition for our policy agenda?

Next, we need to make sure you know your options for how to vote. This year with vote-by-mail being encouraged, we need to make sure you understand the process and how long it can take to make sure you receive your ballot and return it, completed, before the election is over. We created a short survey to ask people how they plan to vote. That survey is available at:

Finally, we need to provide you with literature, yard signs, and bumper stickers of the candidates so you can promote the candidates and voting to your friends, neighbors, family members, colleagues, and even the anonymous mask-wearer you may encounter.

Before we close this post, we want to say thank you to the volunteers who will be working the polls on November 3rd, the numerous postal workers who care about making sure you receive your absentee ballot and it is returned to the auditor’s office in time to be counted. and the employees of the Polk County Auditor’s office who will be answering questions, hosting in-person early voting, and assisting individuals who need accommodations for disability, Voter ID, and other matters for the next few weeks. Thank you.

Questions? Want to volunteer to help the Libertarians earn votes? Need campaign materials?. Let us know! We thank you for your interest and ask you for your vote. Contact us at or through our Facebook page at /polkcountylibertarians.

Libertarians on the ballot in Polk County include: Jo Jorgensen/Jeremy “Spike” Cohen (President/Vice President), Rick Stewart (U.S Senate), Bryan Jack Holder (U.S. Congress, 3rd District), and Toya Johnson (Iowa Senate District 16).

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