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Thank you to the outgoing officers of the Polk County Libertarians and the precinct committee persons. Welcome to the new officers and committee people. Our officers are Jack Rothamel, Chair; Joseph Howe, co-Chair; Joe Gleason, Treasurer; and, Jocelyn Jeffries, Secretary. We invite you to attend our February 25, 2020, business meeting to learn more of what plans the officers have for moving Polk County Libertarians forward.

The results of the presidential preference poll from members present at the caucus are: Jacob Hornberger, 11; Dan Behrman, 3; Jo Jorgensen, 3; Lincoln Chafee, 2; Kennan Dunham, 2; Adam Kokesh, 1; and, None of the Above, 1.

Thank you to all who participated. We will have updates on the full results, including the virtual participation, later.

Update: In addition to the 23 Libertarians who participated in-person, 38 Polk County Libertarians participated in the virtual caucus. Results of the presidential preference poll by number of votes in Polk County were: Hornberger (29), Chafee (12), Jorgenson (4), Kokesh (4), Behrmann (3), Dunham (2), Abramson (1), Armstrong (1), McAfee (1), Supreme (1), Vohra (1), Whitney (1), and None of the Above (1).

Statewide, there were 281 participants, both in person and virtually. The statewide results are: Jacob Hornberger ( 47.52%), Lincoln Chafee (12.77%), Jo Jorgensen (6.38%), Adam Kokesh (6.03%), Daniel Behrman (4.96%), John McAfee (3.55%), Vermin Supreme (3.19%), Other (Write In) (2.84%), None of the Above (2.84%) , Sam Robb (2.48%), Max Abramson (2.13%), Mark Whitney (1.42%), Arvin Vorha (1.06%), Ken Armstrong (0.71%), Keenan Wallace Dunham (0.71%), Souraya Faas ( 0.71%), Benjamin Leder (0.35%), John Monds (0.35%), Daniel Christman (0.00%), James Ogle (0.00%), and Steve Richey (0.00%).

Caucus Chair Jocelyn Jeffries provides information

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