Caucus today and keep an eye on your local elected officials

Later today Polk County Libertarians will caucus at the East Side Library, 2559 Hubbell Avenue, Des Moines. Caucus starts at 2:00 p.m. Registration starts at 1:40 p.m. (Note: this is an hour later than other counties’ caucuses start.) We look forward to meeting new companions in our quest for Liberty and seeing colleagues with whom we have worked to keep strong the Libertarian presence in this participatory democracy.

After the caucus, be sure to keep aware of what your municipal and county governments are doing. The Polk County Board of Supervisors again tried to give themselves a nice raise in pay, with additional increases in deferred compensation matches from the public fund. The Board is scheduled to vote on the matter at its February 11, 2020, meeting. You can share your opinion of the proposal by emailing your county supervisor at or by calling 515-286-3120.

The Polk County Libertarians will take a look at the new budget for the County at its April Let’s Talk Liberty discussion. It was such a look at the budget in 2019 that started us on the path of presenting Government Monitoring Reports at our monthly business meetings. Our goal is to educate Polk County Libertarians on the workings of the county government. With that knowledge, we can be active participants in working to limit government even without an elected Libertarian on the Board.

On February 10th, the Des Moines City Council holds a hearing to consider the next tax levy rate. The West Des Moines Council held its hearing on February 3rd. Last year’s legislature passed a bill on Transparency in property taxes that went into effect this year.

Polk County Libertarians offer occasional Government Monitoring Reports on municipal governments. We would like to do more. This is why our caucus today is so important. Your vote in the presidential preference poll is important and will be noted nationally. It is your time as a volunteer, though, that helps us keep an eye on these municipal (and county) governments, as well as our state representatives and senators.

CAUCUS Libertarian.

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