Calling Libertarians and No Party Voters to Early Voting

We are fewer than 3 weeks from the November 6, 2018, general election. There have been 8 days of early voting, with statistics released for the first 7 days. If you have already voted, thank you, particularly if you have voted for the Libertarian candidates on your ballot.

If you have not yet voted, we want to make sure you do cast your ballot and ask for you to vote for the Libertarian candidates on your ballot. The absentee voting statistics released by the Iowa Secretary of State’s office each day do not reveal how people are voting, but there is still important information to be found in the data. The challenge is to convey that information to the voters without being dry and political. That is not easy to do.

Here are some takeaways from the from those first 7 days of voting:

  • Libertarians in the 3rd Congressional District, including Polk County, have made fewer ballot requests than Libertarians in the 1st Congressional District, but significantly more than Libertarians in the 2nd and 4th Districts. Oh, yes, this is a competition. Are we going to be bested by those other districts? Heck no!
  • The other political parties are showing strong numbers for their registered voters requesting ballots early. We are pleased to see the eagerness to vote, but we are in an election where the percentage of the vote, not just the number of votes, is vital to the future of the Libertarian Party. We can hope some of those voters registered with the other political parties vote for the Libertarian candidates, but that is not a safe bet. We need to match any surge in voting generated by events of the past 4 years. If you are a Libertarian and have any doubt that you might not vote on November 6th, we ask and urge you to vote early.
  • Independent voters, those registered voters who have not selected a political party affiliation, are requesting absentee ballots and casting early votes in noticeably smaller turnout than those voters who have identified with a party. That is understandable. Many independent voters simply do not identify strongly with a political party and are less likely to automatically vote for a candidate of a particular party. We have reason to believe, from polling and conversations with these voters, that many support the Libertarian candidates. We want to make sure these independent voters also take advantage of early voting and voting Libertarian. If you are a No-Party voter, or even registered with one of those other parties, and want to learn more about the Libertarian candidates to help convince you to vote Libertarian, we invite you to learn more. If you have any specific questions about Libertarian candidates on ballots in Polk County, send us an email at

To summarize: Vote Early. Vote Libertarian. Thank you.

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