Aiming for a small milestone

The Libertarian Party has big ideas, but the numbers for the party are still small. That is the reality for money spent on campaigns, votes received in elections, and registrations on the voter roll. As of December 3, 2018, Polk County Libertarians number 2,662. That is 0.91% of the total number of registered voters. That is a strong gain from the 0.71% we had in November 2017, though. Statewide, Libertarians account for 0.65% of registered voters.

We need just 258 more registered Libertarians in Polk County to reach the 1.0% mark. We ask you to help us reach that 1.0% mark,

We acknowledge this would be little more than a psychological victory. One percent on the registration rolls does not get us any benefit in terms of elections or state party status. It is unlikely to give us any more respect from the local media.  Yet, having a one instead of a zero starting the number just feels more solid.

The more registered Libertarians in the county also suggests more votes for Libertarian candidates in the future. We know our candidates still need to earn your support and your votes, but party affiliation is taken into account by political analysts. That, in turn, can lead to more media coverage and more people contributing to the party and our candidates’ campaigns.

The history of gubernatorial votes in Iowa shows Polk County residents cast more votes for Libertarian candidates than do voters in any other county. The stronger we can be and the greater our reach at the election booth, the greater contribution Polk County Libertarians can provide to our Libertarian candidates and the Libertarian goal of maximum freedom/minimal government.

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