Our goal is simple. We seek to educate our communities about limited government, self-ownership and the voluntary advancement of our society. We engage our neighbors via community outreach, parades, event presence and by supporting our candidates.

County Leadership

 Our county board is an all-volunteer organization living in Polk County. They volunteer their time to assist in campaigns and staff educational events. Our goal is to elect Libertarians to all Iowa offices, partisan and non-partisan and to provide a voice to all Iowans in our election process.

Meet the Team

Jocelyn Fry

Jocelyn Fry


To contact Jocelyn:

Email: jocelynlpia@gmail.com

Phone: (515) 635-5716

Joe Howe

Joseph Howe


To contact Joseph:

Email: josephhowe@lpia.org

joe gleason

Joe Gleason


To contact Joe:

Phone: (515) 265-8160