A Letter from Rick Stewart, Libertarian for U.S. Senate

Hello Polk County Libertarians, I hope to be seeing many of you in the future and perhaps even touching you, in a metaphorical sense … . Or just touching glasses. Better yet shaking hands and being normal. 

In any event, I am Rick Stewart, your Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate, running (once again) against Joni Ernst, and probably against Theresa Greenfield, assuming the deep-pocketed Democrats are able to elect their appointed candidate in the June 2 primary. I say ‘once again’ because I first ran against Joni in 2014, as an Independent, after losing the Libertarian nomination to Dr. Doug Butzier. You will remember he died when the small plane he was piloting crashed in his grandmother’s front yard about three weeks before election day. There were six candidates that year and I came in a respectable 3rd place, with more votes than all of the three people I defeated combined. 

That was my first run for office, this is my fourth. In 2016 I ran for Linn County Sheriff and in 2018 I ran for Secretary of Agriculture, both times as a Libertarian. I have become increasingly less ignorant with each race. 

Although I would certainly like to beat Joni this time around, on a slightly more realistic plane what I really want to do is build a ground game for a gubernatorial run in 2022, with a goal of delivering enough votes to propel the Libertarian Party of Iowa back to major party status. Toward that end I had lots of activities planned when I handed my nomination papers in to the Secretary of State on March 10, all of which melted in the face of Covid2020.  

So, I am recalibrating, and it is taking some time to do so. At the moment all I can ask anyone to do is put me on your radar, and let me know directly if you want to make a contribution to what will essentially be a 2+ year campaign to put Libertarians back on the Iowa political map. Yard signs? Barn signs? Phone banking? County coordinator? Shiny hot pick-up truck to pull the 16 foot trailer in parades? Golf cart to buzz around the trailer throwing candy to sugar-drugged small children? I am soliciting all warm bodies and hot ideas. 

Best bet – email me Rick@Rickstewart.com to get on my mailing list. 

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